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Software Development Engineers in Test (SDET)

Our services center around elevating the quality, reliability, and functionality on developing code. We embed ourselves in the development teams as player coaches to define, develop and manage quality from the very beginning.  We develop test automation that becomes critical in the day to day activities for early issue detection before it hits the main code branch.  We collaborate with our clients on the best practices for overall software development from documentation, standards, process, validation all with LEAN and AGILE approaches.

Test & Automation Engineers (TE)

We excel at Test Engineering due to our 20 years of experience in isolating high value Quality Engineering (QE) work with programs of all sizes and stages.  We are experts at the “big picture” homing in what matters most, identifying the highest risk, and unifying the various stakeholders on the business/technical value. We define|design|deliver in a continuous integration delivery model for our clients to realize immediate value.  We automate on many different levels (API, Web Service, Protocol, UX) based upon the critical needs of the program weighing the development and maintenance costs against the delivery value.

Performance & Reliability Engineering (PRE)

In the world of performance, PASS/FAIL reporting is not enough. Projects, Architects, System Administrators, Stakeholders all want to understand the details of current capacity, throughput, reliability and operational readiness.  Engineering practices in developing load profiles, data management solutions, system and infrastructure monitoring, are all critical components to reporting WHY and HOW COME in the days before go-live.  Performance tests can also be integrated in CI/CD to identify delivery trends and performance deltas from baselines all with useful and relevant information to the projects.

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